An Inspiring Motivator With A Love Of Technology 

Profile Picture for Kai DupeKai Dupe has been with Ujima Magazine since the beginning. He was on the cover in 2009, sharing his passion of blacks in technology. He then became a contributing writer and has been our technology writer, since that time.

If you have read any of his articles, you know how passionate he is about stopping the digital divide for our black communities, especially our young people. Kai knows there are so many ways our children of tomorrow can have access to technology and use it in a way that can benefit them and our society.

One thing I have always remembered him saying is we need to learn how to use technology to make money.  Create apps for the phone instead of looking at it as just a phone.

There are so many options for young people to choose from in technology and his hope is that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) will become a part of the education plan for our young boys and girls.

Right now Kai is a technical trainer for Amazon Web Services and lives in Seattle, Washington.  He continues to work and speak on behalf of African American males educating them in the areas of technology and spiritual education.  Kai is currently a doctoral candidate at Pepperdine University where he is conducting research on the under representation of African Americans in computing.  He is also working on his first book which should be out in the fall of 2016. Ujima will keep you posted on the release date.

Ujima thanks Kai for being a part of our positive message to the community. We appreciate his passion for technology and the time he takes sharing that with all of us. Kai Cover 11457-1

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