Kai Dupe

From our archives January 2009 Kai Dupe has been a supporter of Ujima Magazine from the beginning. He wrote a story for us monthly that focused on technology. Kai is very passionate about technology but he is specifically¬† passionate about Blacks in Technology. His message is we need to look to the next generation to do more than just use their phone and computers to … Continue reading Kai Dupe

Will This Social Media Rollercoaster Ever Stop?

I ask myself today am I getting too old to keep up with social media? When the question came across my thoughts I was a bit surprised. I have been able to keep up fairly well with new trending apps and navigated enough for me to use it properly. I have intentionally stayed away from Snapchat because I could not wrap my brain around it … Continue reading Will This Social Media Rollercoaster Ever Stop?

The Digital Age

When I started Ujima Magazine we were a printed magazine. I enjoyed seeing our work in print and having smiling faces on the cover. With all the fight inside of us, we had to make a change, and it was very difficult. As a business owner, making tough decisions come almost weekly, if not daily. The same time we had to make this decision we … Continue reading The Digital Age