Black Lives Matter

white cross imagesWe became the insults of your dreams as we walked the earth for historic dreams that became lifeless.

Searching for truth we encountered the cutting blades of your fierce anarchy that pushed us further.

Holding fast the courage of our ancestors we divided the minds of our captors for bread of soldier’s blood.

Black Lives Matter when we become the history of life that portrays wellness beyond your distinction.

With a creative mind for the ages to behold, our hands of creation became the Picasso of inventions.

Without your permission we forge the volcano of instruments that withstands the mind of your inept truth.

Seeking nothing but freedom of natural life, we find life waiting for our ability to discover Sojourner Truth.

Black Lives Matter as we impact the earth with rare qualities of precision thinking that encounters hells fire.

Truth of the matter is we escaped your dreams when we were created from the throne of grace.

Our constitution of Black Lives Matter declared our innocence with your eyes of infallible dreams of destruction’s.

The main course of your fulfillment of our demise came from your inability to acknowledge the history of black lives.

Created to enthrone the earth with infrastructures of beauty; your night cries became our landmark of bloodstain graves.
Your society included the wealth of blue eyes integrating the hollow of our souls for marketable chains of pro-creation. blacklivesmatter1

Your seclusion of thinking released our education for brilliance to incite the Excellency of our transformation.

The trumpet of despair that you held within our minds became the battle cry for our souls to unite in graves of fire.

No longer inferior to your ways, the graves of fire became the resurrection of mountains to extinguish oceans of unbelief.

Black Lives Matter to creation for creation; Black Lives Matter for the earth in transition; Black Lives Matter from Genesis to Revelation.
Written by Theodore Mosley
November 13, 2015


Photo: Google

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