Shout Out Wednesday!!!

Person: Austin Kleon Link to site: Why the shout out? I was introduced to Austin Kleon through my art group. My friend had purchased his book and after looking through it I was excited to try his newspaper blackout art. I did some pieces and it is fun but you really have to pay attention to words and how you can rearrange the whole … Continue reading Shout Out Wednesday!!!

NEW PUBLICATION- Terminologia de Relacion by Dr. Anthony Johnson

People who have known me for a long time realize my focus is on promoting and elevating others which leads to the establishment of a legacy. Indeed life continues to be interesting as I have been afforded several opportunities to assist many global populations. Many encounters involved Spanish speaking persons from the South American region who encouraged me to publish a work in Spanish so … Continue reading NEW PUBLICATION- Terminologia de Relacion by Dr. Anthony Johnson

Black Lives Matter

We became the insults of your dreams as we walked the earth for historic dreams that became lifeless. Searching for truth we encountered the cutting blades of your fierce anarchy that pushed us further. Holding fast the courage of our ancestors we divided the minds of our captors for bread of soldier’s blood. Black Lives Matter when we become the history of life that portrays … Continue reading Black Lives Matter

Passion to Purpose, Enjoy the Ride

I want to share with you my writings on the subject of Passion to Purpose which I’ve recorded a CD, spoke to audiences and is preparing to discuss the benefits of pursuing one’s passions on a radio broadcast in June. I will be blogging here over the next seven weeks. I hope the messages are insightful and motivating to all. “Be selfish in developing the … Continue reading Passion to Purpose, Enjoy the Ride