How do you manage your time?

Short and Sweet Friday

Whew! What a week. I’m glad it is Friday. I have been working on my time management and ensuring I get things done and stay focus. In working with a business coach, I have been able to manage my calendar and schedule everything. I know that may sound too rigid and I fought against it at first myself, but I now schedule everything from my work time to my personal time. My life has changed tremendously. I have no stress because I know if something changes or new things are added,  it has to fit into my calendar and be scheduled.

I found a story this week where people shared their best time management tips. I wanted to share a few of my tips.

  1. Choose a calendar. I use the I use the Passion Planner.  I love to collect calendars so I’m very specific about what I use. It needs to have time allocation so you can see the time and schedule.  It should be fun too, because if it is fun and pretty you will most likely use it more.
  2. I review and plan my schedule every Sunday for the week.
  3. I use highlighters to color code my appointments to keep me clear and focused on my task. For example, I use orange to signify magazine work, yellow for virtual assistant work, blue for personal time and pink for other.
  4. I schedule everything. I admit it was difficult for me because I thought it was too structured but it works! I know when I need to do things and my work life and my personal feels more controlled. Even if I don’t get to a task that is scheduled, it is documented and I know it has to be completed. It’s a visual reminder.

To get more time management tips visit 82 Time Management Tips


How do you manage your time? What tools do you use to stay focused and get things done? Let me know.  I would love to hear how time management effects your job.  Send a comment to


Have a great weekend and start managing your time, not your time managing you!

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Damita Miller-Shanklin



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