Short and Sweet

This is what we found to be good and sweet this week.

The Rio Olympics

Congratulations to Team USA for all of their gold medals and wins. Ujima is so proud of our country.

Sweet Buzz

If you are like me and enjoy ice cream and alcohol, now you can have them together in as a frozen dessert. When I read this I knew I had to share this news with you. I’m heading there real soon. It’s call Prohibition Creamery. Don’t walk…run!

Food Blogger, Jane Ko gives a great review. Check it out. Let us know when you go.


Getting Things Done

Sunflower Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant business. We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses that need assistance with data entry and social media support.

Contact us at to discuss how we may can help you.
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Have a great weekend!



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Damita Miller-Shanklin




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