What’s For Lunch?

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Back to school is right around the corner. Everyone is shopping and getting their clothes, supplies, and food choices ready for the first day.

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I really don’t know how the lunch at school these days go but when I was coming up you could take your lunch, which I did most days, except when they had pizza or burgers. I loved the bread rolls anytime. I don’t remember my mother worrying about giving me a healthy lunch but more of what I liked to eat.

These days it seems parents have to be more aware of healthy choices that are being placed in lunch boxes. I wonder if I had a child what would I put in his or her lunch box? I would do a good turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with veggies and mustard, baked potato chips and a chocolate pudding for dessert. Not bad eh?

Just in case my lunch idea won’t fly with your family, I suggest looking at Pinterest for ideas or parenting blogs. Here is one blog Valerie’s Kitchen that had some great ideas.

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Did you take your lunch to school? What was your favorite food you added to your lunch box? Whatever you choose to provide in your child’s lunch, make it fun and healthy.

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