It’s A Wrap!


This is the good news we found this week:

Hey Friends, How was your week? You ready for the weekend? This week we had quite a bit of rain. It was nice. This week my family celebrated birthdays. My husband, my nephew and a family friend. So Happy Birthday to them and all the August birthdays.


I’ve been caught up in the Olympics again this week. The track and field are my favorite. Can’t wait for tonight when Usain Bolt will run again. It has been a long two weeks for me because this is the longest I have ever watched sports on a continuous basis.

I have been working on Ujima’s social media strategy. Once I get my strategy I then can look at automation systems. I want to grow our followers and likes. I am really focusing on Instagram because it is a platform you can showcase your business and grow our business presence.



I love a good shaved ice treat, especially when it’s hot outside. Now I can have them at home whenever I want to make one, well I should say when my husband wants to make one. All you need is the mix, ice, and a blender. Yum, they are good and I can eat them in the comfort of my own home.



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Just a reminder that Sunflower Virtual is taking new clients. If you need data entry services or social media support, let’s discuss your needs.  You can email us at to schedule a consultation.




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