Good-Bye Rio. What Will We Do Now?


Well, the 2016 Olympic games are over. Done. Finished. I watched as the flag held by Simone Biles walk down the isle for the last time. I really got into the games this time This around. I watched everything from swimming, gymnastics and track, which grew to be my favorite sport to watch.

This week I have felt loss. So I asked myself what will I do now?
What will we all do now that we have to get back to regular scheduled programming and our daily lives. Here are some ideas that may work:
1. Return to your book that you started two weeks ago and finish it.
2. Take your evening walk with the dog again. Enjoy the outdoors in the evening. Talk with your neighbors as you pass. Everyone will be outside again.
3. Get back to your art piece that you left undone.
4. Watch your regular shows. They are all in re-run but you can get refreshed before the new season starts.
5. Rest up. Review all your Rio memories and get ready for 2020.

Congrats to the United State for all the gold and I really enjoyed the last two weeks.

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Damita Miller-Shanklin


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