A Message of Healing and Music



From our Archives February 2009

Since our interview with Courtney, she has remarried and is now Mrs. Courtney Santana.

When you think of Courtney Santana, you most likely think of her great musical talent. But when we sat down and did the interview back in 2009, she was working to heal women and children through her work at the women shelter. She wanted to help women understand that you may not stop the abuse from occurring but you can discuss ways to get out of the situation.

At the time, Courtney started the Jonah Ministry back in 2006 because she had lived in the shelter with her two children. She decided that when she got healthy enough, she would return and give back. Jonah was a faith-based non-profit organization to create lasting hope through music and arts.

The one thing I got from the interview was that Courtney is a survivor. She no longer lives in fear of abuse. She still works tirelessly to empower women who have survived or going through an abusive relationship.

She has formed a new foundation called Survive2Thrive. This foundation empowers survivors.
The foundation has 4 Core Values:
1. Safety and Stability
2. Resource Management
3. Confidence Building
4. Self-Sufficiency and Independence

If you need more information or you need assistance, please visit their website at survive2thrivefoundation.com

Ujima salutes and thanks, Courtney Santana for her continued work to help people caught in an abusive relationship find hope and a new beginning.

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Damita Miller-Shanklin

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