Do You Have Healthy Snacks In Your Desk?

Healthy Living Thursday-1

Do you find that you get hungry before lunch and again during the last hours of your work day? Me too. It doesn’t matter where you work you should keep some healthy snacks available to help you get through those hungry moments.

I always think about something that is sweet, like a candy bar or chips but we all know that’s not healthy. I think we have to splurge sometime and eat what we shouldn’t but for the most part, you may want to surround yourself with healthy snacks that are quick and easy to grab. I found a great list of snacks to consider.


-Almonds- They are easy to eat and keep in your desk


-Low Fat Popcorn- I guess you should not add butter 🙂


-Fresh Fruit- This is always a good choice. You can cut up your fruit or just eat as is


-Dried Fruit- This is another good snack that can take away that sweet taste you are looking for


-Dry Cereal- I love dry cereal. Most people like Cheerios. I prefer Frosted Flakes but I will do Cheerios or any other healthy cereal that is good dry.

For the complete list see it here.


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Damita Miller-Shanklin

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