Coffee with Ujima

Good Morning Friends-
Welcome to our first Monday with Ujima post.

We have wanted to do this for a while , but as a solopreneur things have to be prioritized. As we embark on a new, fresh Ujima we want to be more than just your community magazine but a place you can visit for fun stories and a way to keep up with new things happening with us as well.
This is the last week of our celebration. Again, we are very proud of our accomplishment and looking forward to many more years. Look for more postings of our past covers and back stories for you to enjoy this week. The exciting part for us is talking a bit about Ujima’s future.

So what’s happening this week at Ujima? Daily stories which include our List of 5 Tuesday, Tell us about … Wednesday, Food Thursday, and our Friday Wrap.
UJIMA will always want your feedback and ask ” What would you like for us to write about?”

The new excitement is producing videos with different topics and going behind the scenes.

Well we wish you all a great week and we will be back next week.

If you have questions about Ujima or a story idea, please email We will answer your question during our Monday post.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Have a great week.

Ujima Magazine


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