5 Smart Tools For Managing Your Business

We all have processes and systems in place we use to get things done. They are all individualized to our specific needs. We read a lot of information about tools business people use to stay ahead of the game.

As a magazine, we are always on the look out for new tools to incorporate or add to our basic foundation system. We thought we would share our tools that allow us to do things easier. They are simple tools, but they are the foundation to our system. We stay open for anything else we may need to add as we move forward.


1. A Good Calendar- we happen to love calendars and invest a lot of time finding the right one. We use a Google Calendar and our Passion Planner for all appointments (Passionplanner.com).
2. WordPress- WordPress host our Ujima website. This is our base for all our stories. It is easy to use and it offers many options to make your site nice and inviting to your readers.
3. Pocket- Pocket is a place where we save articles from the web that interest us or have plans to use when we aggregate information to share. This is a tool you can download to your phone for easy access.
4. Hootsuite and Buffer- We use both platforms to help with automation of our social media platforms. We still post independently but these two tools help manage our information that we want to share at a certain time.
5. Google Docs- This tool has been a great way for writing and sharing stories. If needed, you can download the app to your phone and have access to documents if needed anytime, anywhere.


What tools do you use as foundation to your processes and systems? Please share with us. Looking forward to sharing how these tools are used in our systems.


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Ujima Magazine

Damita Miller-Shanklin


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