Are You Practicing Self-Care?


Last year, I started looking into self-care for myself. We all have things we enjoy, but what I found to be the key is scheduling time for whatever you do to take the time to care for yourself.  At one point in my life, I made a prayer alter which I used daily. I would meditate with the Bible, pray and then just listen. I did this every morning. I don’t know why I stopped but it is a good way to start your morning. I do remember feeling calm and happy.


No matter what you do in life taking the time to enjoy yourself doing what makes you feel good is the ultimate self-care practice. Here are some tips I follow to make sure I take care of myself doing what makes me relax and enjoy the moment.


  1. Decide what you enjoying that is either your passion or just an activity you love to do and it relaxes you. For me, it has to be something I look forward to doing.


  1. Pick a time of day and schedule that specific on your calendar. Don’t skip set an alarm.


  1. Be in the moment. Don’t worry about your cell phone, who is liking your post on social media. Relax and enjoy what you have chosen and scheduled to do.


  1. I use to think I had to schedule one to two hours for my self-care. Wrong. It can be 15 minutes to 30 minutes just do it. For me, anything less than 15 minutes doesn’t make me feel like I did anything.




Self-care is very important to remain balanced and feeling good. We all push ourselves every day to stay on top of our businesses, our families but you have to remember you have to take care of yourself. If you don’t take good care of yourself you can’t take of anyone else.


Take a moment right now and come up with one self-care goal you can identify, schedule and complete.


My self-care task daily at 7 pm is my art time it is scheduled on my calendar. What is your self-care activity? I want to know. Please share.


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Damita Miller-Shanklin

Ujima Magazine

Embrace Your Community

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