Hey Y’all It’s Kevin Sandbloom!

This weekend, Saturday November 3rd, the East Austin Community Fall Festival will take place at the George Washington Carver Library.  Come out and join the fun starting at 11:00am.  The Founder, Shametra McGregor, has enlisted a great musical talent Kevin Sandbloom. Ujima had the opportunity to discuss his music.  Check him out at the festival. This is what he had to say.
Ujima: Kevin, give our readers a little background about where you started your musical career.
Kevin: I started in high school in Altadena, CA. I was blessed to be
surrounded by a bunch of other kids who were into music and self-taught musicians.
My first band was at 16 and I was writing songs and leading my own
band about a year after. I just kept writing songs and developing my craft
until I was able to make money at it.
Ujima: You have been busy producing your album and touring. What is your inspiration?
Kevin: Right now my inspiration is my daughter. She’s very inspired by
music and I want to be an example to her. I’m always writing and have
a bunch of projects I’m excited about completing in the next year.
Ujima: What should attendee’s at the East Austin Community Festival expect as they listen to your music?


Kevin: I’ve been working on a lot of new material…trying to play
a mix of some older favorites and the new stuff. I’ll be playing a few
songs from my latest project, “form.idable”. I will be performing
with a loop pedal this time out so, beatboxing, guitar and vocals.
Donate a can good to the Food Bank and enjoy vendors, food and music. We will see you Saturday! Make sure you catch Kevin Sandblooms set- it will be awesome.
Damita Miller-Shanklin
Ujima Writer

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