Afternoon of Vibrant Activities from Around the World

The fifth annual Austin International Multicultural Festival (IMfest) takes place this Saturday, August 24 at the Sahara Lounge, 1413 Webberville Rd. This family-friendly event will celebrate people and their cultures through performances, music, arts, conversation, fashion, and more.

“I really love it when everyone gets to experience other people’s cultures,” says festival organizer Theo Shayo. “You don’t have to look like them, speak their language, dress like them, worship like them, or eat their food. You don’t even have to travel — it’s all right here in Austin at IMfest 2019!”

Admission to the event is free with RSVP at gratefully accepted). For more information please see the festival website at

The day’s program includes:

•    1:00-2:00 Interactive Multicultural Fashion showcasing African, Middle Eastern, Polynesian, Asian, Turkish, and Indian styles.
•    2:00-2:30 HawaiianDrums of TahitiRevue — Tropical Productions entertainment and fashion
•    2:30-3:00 Lee Young Korean — performance and fashion showcase
•    3:00-3:40 Son de Rey — Latin Alternative music
•    4:00-4:40 Austin Taiko — Japanese drumming
•    5:00-5:40 The Presidents – Filipino reggae band
•    6:00 Jason Facey – Jamaican hip hop dancer and musician

IMfest is organized by International Multicultural Community and supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, together with the Austin Creative Alliance. International Multicultural Community would like to thank our collaborators Austin Polish Society, Autosol, Club Bantu, Curly Executive, PonDi Beat, Curl Executive, Shavanthe, and ABASA.

International Multicultural Community is dedicated to the idea that all human beings are different and unique, yet the same inside. However different our appearance, languages, practices, and beliefs, deep inside we are united by our shared humanity.


For more information please contact Theo Shayo at (512) 363-2814 or

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