…But Who’s Really To Blame?

….But who’s really to blame? By: Loyal’Tee Speaks When things don’t go your way, you try your hardest to point the finger at someone else because things didn’t go as smoothly as you thought. Who’s to blame for our own lives not turning out the way we want Who’s to blame when we mismanaged our money and can’t afford to pay our bills on time … Continue reading …But Who’s Really To Blame?

Thoughts On Dis-ease with Kai Dupe

Lately I have noticed an alarming trend on social media particularly on Facebook where those who have been diagnosed with disease have decided to embrace or bring awareness to the disease by posting pictures and facts regarding the disease. This is unwise. You should never own a disease. In fact, the goal should be to reduce the amount of time that you speak or think … Continue reading Thoughts On Dis-ease with Kai Dupe