Ujima and Friends Podcast

The Ujima and Friends Podcast is hosted by Damita Miller-Shanklin and Eliza Edwards. Our topics will range from community stories, interviews, and topics of the month. You can find our podcast anywhere you listen to your favorite podcast. You can subscribe to our podcast page at Ujima Magazine and Friends That way you won’t miss an episode.  Continue reading Ujima and Friends Podcast

Damita’s Podcast Recommendations

I’m a lover of podcasts. I like learning things and listening to people who have passions that are similar or different from mine. I enjoy conversations about productivity, organization, culture, and murder mysteries. I want to give you a few recommendations of what I’m listening to right now. Catenya McHenry- F**k Fear NBC News-SouthLake Erika Monique- Natural Soul Conversations Luvvie Ajayi Jones-Professional Troublemaker TV Podcast-Court … Continue reading Damita’s Podcast Recommendations

Passion to Purpose, Enjoy the Ride

I want to share with you my writings on the subject of Passion to Purpose which I’ve recorded a CD, spoke to audiences and is preparing to discuss the benefits of pursuing one’s passions on a radio broadcast in June. I will be blogging here over the next seven weeks. I hope the messages are insightful and motivating to all. “Be selfish in developing the … Continue reading Passion to Purpose, Enjoy the Ride

[New Post] Springtime

Is there any excitement within life? I mean true excitement beyond a superficial moment which is often used to base one’s view of oneself, others, and life in general. The point is so profound in that many view each season as a transition point in time versus a growth element of time. What does life really mean? Is the meaning centered on what you have … Continue reading [New Post] Springtime

Enjoy the Ride from Passion to Purpose

Just like a roller coaster ride, the journey to affect change or create a successful enterprise is where the excitement lies. Not in the destination. Enjoy the Ride! Envision you’re at the pinnacle of your greatest dream, being honored for your impact on the multitude that has benefitted from the gift you’ve shared with all. As you sit there taking in the introduction of you … Continue reading Enjoy the Ride from Passion to Purpose