Enjoy the Ride from Passion to Purpose

Adolph 2014-11-01_16.45.39Just like a roller coaster ride, the journey to affect change or create a successful enterprise is where the excitement lies. Not in the destination. Enjoy the Ride!

Envision you’re at the pinnacle of your greatest dream, being honored for your impact on the multitude that has benefitted from the gift you’ve shared with all. As you sit there taking in the introduction of you and your contributions to many, you’re reflecting on the road that’s led you to this moment. The twists, turns, curves, detours and stalls along the way. A smile engulfs your face reviewing all of the bright days and wonderfully surprising teachings you encountered. The audience suspects that your smile is in response to all of the accolades that the introducer is sharing with the attendees. However the deep joy of the smile comes from the cumulative reflection of the journey that took you from your passions expressed, goals set high and achieved and the purposeful impact on others. This high felt and understood by you is about to grace the crowd with the only thing that’s left for you to do. Share the story of your journey that will inspire countless others to seek and fulfill their passions to purpose journey. For what one accomplishes isn’t most important point, it’s the exhilarating experience that touches the soul of you and all who hear.

Your passion to purpose journey should be a fun and rewarding ride comparable to the amusement of a roller coaster ride. Just as with a roller coaster, the journey which incorporates following your passions to finding your purpose can be filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. For no one is excited when they reach the end of the ride as they are during it.

I believe that passion to purpose can be a very complex topic. It covers a great range, of intent to hope. Going from a point of enjoyment to service can be very rewarding. It speaks to beginning with one’s self to seeking to help others. To help others, I believe that we have to become proficient in understanding and living our passions then deliver that expression to those that we find in need. It’s similar to a Prince becoming a King. Being served first, thus learning how to serve others. Be selfish in developing the talents that lie within, and then become selfless in sharing those same talents with the outside world.

My definition of passions is talents and gifts which form internal creative expressions yearning to be released. And once this occurs it ultimately adds life and vitality to the individual. There are purposes to be filled. Some may be inside of us, while some show on the outside, in societal causes and needs. I believe that they reveal themselves to us in various ways. And we have a choice to follow and/or fulfill them.

Here are some bullet points that I once created as quotes to help get us started on  pursuing passions;

  1. Being too judicious in getting started in pursuing your passions by over analyzing every possible step will legislate you to mediocre results.
  2. Don’t let a late start detour you from reaching your dreams and goals. We are never too old to create and satisfy our life’s passions.

It’s never too late to start living and fulfilling your passions or complete something that you have been wanting for some time.

Right now where we stand, sit or lay we can begin to pursue that one thing or multiple items that we’ve always wanted to do. The time to start is now, no matter how old we are achievement can be had.

  1. You don’t have to be great at pursuing your passions to serve a purpose. You just have to be passionate about the pursuit. Use your passions as the vehicle and goals as fuel.

Don’t just run after your dreams. Allow your passions to be your vehicle to transport you to them. My passion of writing has been carrying me over the past decade to my goal of completing a book. Therefore, the fuel to get you to your ultimate destinations is your goals. So set big enough goals. Don’t run short of your target, by setting a small goal to begin with. DREAM BIG!!

If your dreams and goals don’t excite, inspire or motivate others when they hear them, then you need to go bigger!

My hope is for those who believe that if they start on a journey of pursuing their passions they will end up in the place they were destined to be.

Go along on your journey to passionately pursue your purpose. I can’t guarantee that you’ll find your purpose, but if you pursue your passions, it should be an enjoyable ride.

As the applauses begin to dim you speak, Thank you all for coming. I’d like to share my journey with you. It starts with understanding the power and energy of goals and the keen navigational skills of Passions…

Adolph Evans is a contributing writer to Ujima Magazine. From Portland to Austin.

#passionstopurpose, #motivation, #encouragement, #followyourpassion, @ujimamagazine

Posted By: Damita Miller-Shanklin


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