Sydney Johnson rolled snake eyes and the plantation became his promise land of turmoil. Sydney endured the beating of Hampton Smith in his sickness for not complying to work. The demise of Hampton Smith and a manhunt ensued for justice with a rope and a tree. Hayes Turner was seized from custody and informed of his rights with a community of activists declaring his life. … Continue reading MARY HATTIE GRAHAM TURNER

Distant Love

Falling from the grace of true love, the hearts of the land are compromised without dissimulation’s. Grieving in the night because the flame of love has drowned in sheets bewailing for romance to bloom. No longer considered worthy of hands to hold, tears are met with domestic struggles of innocence. Searching for ways to infiltrate the fallow grounds of life, love is blinded by riches … Continue reading Distant Love

Black Lives Matter

We became the insults of your dreams as we walked the earth for historic dreams that became lifeless. Searching for truth we encountered the cutting blades of your fierce anarchy that pushed us further. Holding fast the courage of our ancestors we divided the minds of our captors for bread of soldier’s blood. Black Lives Matter when we become the history of life that portrays … Continue reading Black Lives Matter


I am a fabric, that stands without seems, on the mind of others as I take my stand. Holding forth the armor of life, I bestow a crown of wisdom to my offspring for matters to come. My mind flows through the cathedral of sphinx, with the ability to shatter dimensions. Challenge me, as I walk this life into existence, without holding my weapon of … Continue reading CHALLENGE ME (A TRIBUTE TO BLACK WOMEN)