Kwanzaa Starts Today!

The Kwanzaa Celebration begins today. The celebration runs from December 26th-January 1st. Many communities around the world are sharing in this Black and Pan-American holiday. I wanted to take the time to remind you of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. These principles are important I named my business after one of the principles that embodied what I wanted to convey to my community. My company … Continue reading Kwanzaa Starts Today!

Kujichagulia-Self Determination

Heri za Kwanzaa- Happy Kwanzaa!!! Today, is the second day of the Kwanzaa celebration. The principle for today is Kujichagulia (Self-Determination). This principle demands that we as African people define, defend and develop ourselves. There are three questions we must asked ourselves. 1. Who Am I? 2. Am I really who I say I am? 3. Am I all that I ought to be? These … Continue reading Kujichagulia-Self Determination

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Are you or your family celebrating Kwanzaa? This is a question I have been asked.  My family never celebrated Kwanzaa but as grew up I became more aware of the celebration. Kwanzaa was first observed in 1966 by  Maulana Karenga, the founder of the seven day festival celebrating African heritage. The festival begins on December 26th  and goes through January 1st. Each day is dedicated … Continue reading Celebrating Kwanzaa