Bacon, Cheese & Potato Chowder

Food has always been a Ujima favorite topic of conversation. A lot of the recipes were shared with us by family and people  in the community. The one I have really enjoyed with my family is the Bacon,Cheese &Potato Chowder.  Its easy to make and it taste so good!! As the weather changes, put this recipe on your “to make” list. What You Need 3 … Continue reading Bacon, Cheese & Potato Chowder

Did You Get Your Immunizations?

“The Texas Department of Health has ruled that students must be current with immunizations in order to attend school unless an exemption has been filed with the school in accordance with Texas Education Code, Health and Safety, Chapter 38.0001. Unless a child’s immunizations are current when school begins on August 25, 2014, parents will be asked to obtain the needed immunizations before their child is … Continue reading Did You Get Your Immunizations?

Tips For Starting The School Year Right!

With the summer coming to an end, many young people and college students are gearing up for the return to school and college. When I was coming up, the first of August, my mom and I would begin shopping for school supplies and school clothes. It was my favorite memory because I loved school supplies, especially pens. I still look for great writing pens. However, … Continue reading Tips For Starting The School Year Right!