Fannie Lou Hamer

As we celebrate Black History Month, Ujima Magazine will be looking at Women in Black History. These women are heroes of a time that has come full circle. Women are marching and protesting to ensure our rights are not taken for granted or compromised. This month is dedicated to all women who stand up for freedom, empowerment and equal opportunity. Welcome to Black History Month! … Continue reading Fannie Lou Hamer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among African American women. … Among younger women (under age 45), however, the mortality rate of breast cancer is higher in African Americans than in whites. The median age of diagnosis is 57 years for African American women, compared to 62 years for white women. Nothing speaks more clearly to the shocking breast cancer health disparities than … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Evening Coffee

Good Evening Friends We are starting a new week and a new month. October brings to mind cool weather, brown leaves and the year beginning to come to an end. Time to start planning your first quarter of the new year. This Week At Ujima We will be sharing stories on things we learned, Breast Cancer Awareness month, favorite Halloween candy and a wrap up … Continue reading Evening Coffee

5 Smart Tools For Managing Your Business

We all have processes and systems in place we use to get things done. They are all individualized to our specific needs. We read a lot of information about tools business people use to stay ahead of the game. As a magazine, we are always on the look out for new tools to incorporate or add to our basic foundation system. We thought we would … Continue reading 5 Smart Tools For Managing Your Business