Talking Point: WHAT WILL IT BRING?

future ahead conceptA little boy asked his father, “What does the future hold?” His father responded realizing his son presented a solid question, “Son it will bring to you what you first bring to the present.” The exchange between the father and his son is so profound as it presents a connection between generations and thus unfolds the significance of time. Also, the words present the reality that we presently stand in a new year. I wonder what goals and dreams you have for your life at this point; not only for you but also for your family. Are they the same as years past or do you desire for things to be different? It would appear that the New Year started before this point in that all of us sit in some way open to something, either a thought or person who can impact what is to come.

Being open is actually a stance of giving in that you are giving of yourself in return for the receipt of something else. So, what have you given to life which will serve as an indication of what this year and the future holds? Will it be a repetition of hurt and secret abuse that you feel no one sees? Will it be you breaking out of the hold of fear to pursue more for your future? Will it be you moving to a new place so that you can spread your wings and fly? Will it be you distancing yourself from a habit that is detrimental to your health and the lives of others? Will it be you developing a new attitude about yourself and others? Will it be you seeking help to address your emotional instability and the pain you hold in which is tearing you apart each day of your life? Will it be a change in a needed area of your life or the motivation for change with regard to the people in your life?

The writing is on the wall…..So in reflection on the New Year…What will it bring? What does the future hold for you?

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Dr AJohnsonAnthony L. Johnson, Ph.D. is a professor, clinical psychotherapist, relationship consultant, leadership strategist and author of To Be Determined, Relationship Terminology, and Strategic Planning and Membership Assimilation in Faith-Based Organizations. He educates, empowers, mentors, and motivates change in organizations and in the lives of many individuals and families and has done so for over 20 years. Dr. Johnson can be reached at or (469) 831-4603 for seminars, speaking engagements, and book signings. Also, stay updated with Dr. Johnson’s work via the web at including information on his next publication Leadership by Day and Reflections by Night which is scheduled for release 2015.

Posted by Damita Miller-Shanklin

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