What are your thoughts about the words diversity vs. included? Oprah Winfrey has spoken recently stating she would not use diversity in her vocabulary because she had learned from her friend Ava D. that what we, as Black people, are really looking for is to be included. My first thought was being called African American vs. Black debate. I’m personally tired of people giving us  names. I identify … Continue reading Words

[New Post] A Moment In History

What does time mean to you? The reoccurring inquiry of time is needed especially when we take a look at what time has surfaced in our lives. For some, good memories, for others depressing memories, and for others the memories are yet to be determined. Is time only a mere occurrence? Is time only centered on you being awakened each morning to a new day? … Continue reading [New Post] A Moment In History

Talking Point: WHAT WILL IT BRING?

A little boy asked his father, “What does the future hold?” His father responded realizing his son presented a solid question, “Son it will bring to you what you first bring to the present.” The exchange between the father and his son is so profound as it presents a connection between generations and thus unfolds the significance of time. Also, the words present the reality … Continue reading Talking Point: WHAT WILL IT BRING?