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Dr AJohnson
Dr. Anthony Johnson

Is there any excitement within life? I mean true excitement beyond a superficial moment which is often used to base one’s view of oneself, others, and life in general. The point is so profound in that many view each season as a transition point in time versus a growth element of time. What does life really mean? Is the meaning centered on what you have observed or what you have experienced? Have you ever taken the time to observe a child as she or he sits and analyzes the environment in hopes of making a connection not to another person but to oneself? What is the child thinking? Perhaps the child is attempting to find his or her place in life. The child may be wondering, “Who am I; what should I be doing; or where should I go in life? Does the road end here based on what I see? After all, I have trust placed in my leaders both parents and caregivers thinking that what has been presented is designed to elevate me. However, I must ask, am I being led to a dead end.” The perspective from the internal mind of a child is as identical to an adult as many adults have settled for lives similar to what they have observed. The display is so broad as many live in non-committed relationships, expose their children to the same alcoholism and foul language which they witnessed as a child, interact with a heart of un-forgiveness, correspond with an attitude of resistance to change, form personal clicks to feel empowered by gossip and rumors, dialogue with shallow thoughts due to a lack of exposure to perspectives of growth, or stand at a distance seeking for someone to acknowledge them or award them with some self-worth. What is the end result? Ask yourself the question…As a matter of fact; ask your leaders the question…. Why are you hesitating? The contemplation reveals that you are living with the feeling that each moment in life is designed to be a winter storm highlighted by the actions of others…. I must ask…When will the winter storm subside? Isn’t it time for something new, a new idea, a new way of thinking, a new attitude, a new association, a different relationship, or an unselfish view?…Since conceptually the winter storm is over, your mind should function clear for you to say…It is my time; not only is it my time, but in regards to my life; It is my Springtime…

Photo: Poolstar.net
Photo: Poolstar.net

Anthony L. Johnson, Ph.D. is a professor, clinical psychotherapist, relationship consultant, leadership strategist and author of To Be Determined, Relationship Terminology, and Strategic Planning and Membership Assimilation in Faith-Based Organizations. He educates, empowers, mentors, and motivates change in organizations and in the lives of many individuals and families and has done so for over 20 years. Dr. Johnson can be reached at aj@anthonyjohnsonphd.com or      (469) 831-4603 for seminars, speaking engagements, and book signings. Also, stay updated with Dr. Johnson’s work via the web at http://www.anthonyjohnsonphd.com including information on his next publication Leadership by Day and Reflections by Night which is scheduled for release 2015.

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