Passion to Purpose, Enjoy the Ride

Adolph IMG_0593I want to share with you my writings on the subject of Passion to Purpose which I’ve recorded a CD, spoke to audiences and is preparing to discuss the benefits of pursuing one’s passions on a radio broadcast in June. I will be blogging here over the next seven weeks. I hope the messages are insightful and motivating to all.

“Be selfish in developing the talents that lie within (Passions), then become selfless in sharing those same talents with the outside world (Purpose)”.

What are you passionate about? What would you do for free? What do you do in your passion time?

Finding one’s passion and living it daily is the best that anyone can do in life. I believe we all have many passions that lie within us. My definition of passions is “The talents and gifts which form internal creative expressions yearning to be released. And once this occurs it ultimately adds life and vitality to the individual.”

Life really begins when we stop just liking what we do and start doing what we like. One of my passions is writing. After having been a writer back in high school, I returned to this love about 15 years ago. This has led to published articles, speaking engagements and interviews with many interesting people. Thus pursuing my passion again has added so much to my present life.

Though there have been a few hindrances and obstacles, I have persisted in pursuing this writing passion of mine. So as I leave off here until next week, I’ll end with this statement of encouragement. Enjoy the Ride IMG_2026

“True happiness and joy in life doesn’t occur by playing down to the level our fears and the expectations of others. It occurs by playing up to the level of our personal goals and dreams.”

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Adolph Evans, is a contributor to Ujima Magazine’s from Portland to Austin Series.

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