Are You Protecting Yourself?


The summer is upon us. Many people are hitting the beaches and spending more time outside in the sweltering heat. But are you protecting yourself from sunburn and heat related illnesses?

We all have to protect our skin. I heard a myth that Black people do not have to protect their skin. This is not true. Everyone is subject to sunburn when you are out in the heat swimming, hiking, walking, etc. Here are some tips to help you protect your skin from sunburn while you enjoy your summer.

• Stay out of the sun during peak hours
• Stay covered up
• Use sunscreen on all exposed areas
• Don’t lie in sun purposefully seeking a tan
• Put small amount of sunscreen in hair to avoid burn on scalp

For more specific information visit this site Prevent a Sunburn.

You may still have questions about what sunscreens work best for Black skin. Clutch Magazine looks at 12 sunscreens that will work well for Black skin. You can read the list here Black Women Need Sunscreen Too.

I hope this information helps you protect yourself and understand that we all need to use sunscreen because we all have to protect our skin. So go enjoy your summer with this information in your arsenal of health knowledge.

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