Spring Clean Your Skin

Jacquie Parish, Contributing Writer IS THERE SUCH A THING AS SPRING CLEANING YOUR SKIN? Could your skin use a spring cleaning? When the weather changes, your skincare routine should too. Spring is the perfect time to change up your skincare routine. We have compiled 6 of our favorite things to do to get our skin ready for the spring! 1. Exfoliate weekly It’s a great idea to exfoliate weekly but don’t overdo it. … Continue reading Spring Clean Your Skin

Are You Protecting Yourself?

The summer is upon us. Many people are hitting the beaches and spending more time outside in the sweltering heat. But are you protecting yourself from sunburn and heat related illnesses? We all have to protect our skin. I heard a myth that Black people do not have to protect their skin. This is not true. Everyone is subject to sunburn when you are out … Continue reading Are You Protecting Yourself?