Cost-Cutting Ideas for Back To School Shopping

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Getting ready for school can be challenging. It is more than getting the right clothes and shoes it includes getting the list of school supplies. When I attended school the list for school supplies were short. It consisted of spirals, number 2 pencils, black pens, Elmer’s glue, ruler and a protractor. This is all I remember. Simple right? Well now the list are a bit longer depending on the grade level and we all know it cost way more than it did when I was in school. For a list of supplies for specific grades click

I found eight ways you can spend less when you start your school shopping. They are:

Back pack images1. Shop at a Consignment store. If you need clothing, most consignment shops have very nice clothing items that can help cut cost. I know children can be picky, because I was, but they sometime have very nice name brand items.

2. Take advantage of the Tax-Free weekend. The tax free weekend for our area (Austin Texas) will be this weekend, August 5th-7th. You can find out more information at

3. Comparison Shop. It use to be you had to wait for the Sunday paper and go through the sale circulars (at least in my home). But now all you need is a smart phone and a good app and you can compare items right then before you purchase it. Here is a link to Lifehacker which has compiled a great list of  comparison apps

4. Sign up for emails or follow companies on Facebook so you can stay abreast as to what they have on sale. I do this a lot with things I read or want to save. I join either their newsletter or I save there information to my Pocket, which is a great place to save stuff you want to return to later.

5. Stock up at clearance sales throughout the year. There are sales for different holidays where you can cash in on things on sale. Look for those sales because they will help save in the future. This to me is the best way to save some dollars.

6. Don’t buy too much. This is easier said than done. Just buy what your chlld needs right now. If they are growing you don’t want to waste money on items they can’t use or will out grow in a few months.

7. Use what you have. Another good idea. If you went and shopped during earlier sales when items were on sale and you stocked up, use those items to get the year started. If you purchased extra school supplies, take them out and to get the year started. You may only need a back pack. That is a big savings to your bottom line.

8. Personalize what you can. There was a time with your mother would patch up what she could buy sewing on patches to your jeans or adding embroidery to make something look new, well if you can sew or DIY, you may be able to save money by taking something old and making it new. I know some kids are trendy and want the newest clothing but if you have good skills, you can do just that.

Read Eight ways to spend less for back to school

I hope as you do your back to school shopping these tips may help you save money and still get what your children need. Enjoy shopping.

If any of these tips helped you, please let me know at

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Damita Miller-Shanklin

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