Kai Dupe

From our archives January 2009 Kai Dupe has been a supporter of Ujima Magazine from the beginning. He wrote a story for us monthly that focused on technology. Kai is very passionate about technology but he is specifically  passionate about Blacks in Technology. His message is we need to look to the next generation to do more than just use their phone and computers to … Continue reading Kai Dupe

Ujima Around Town

Hey, friends we thought we would share some photos of the KAZI radio fundraiser we attended this past weekend. It was fun and it was for a good cause. If you want to make a donation to the station, you can visit the website at http://www.kazifm.org. #kazifm #ujima2016 #ujimaaroundtown #fundraiser #ujimamagazine #onlinemagazine #magazinelife #wednesdayshoutout #communityatx   Damita Miller-Shanklin   Continue reading Ujima Around Town

Will This Social Media Rollercoaster Ever Stop?

I ask myself today am I getting too old to keep up with social media? When the question came across my thoughts I was a bit surprised. I have been able to keep up fairly well with new trending apps and navigated enough for me to use it properly. I have intentionally stayed away from Snapchat because I could not wrap my brain around it … Continue reading Will This Social Media Rollercoaster Ever Stop?

Cost-Cutting Ideas for Back To School Shopping

Getting ready for school can be challenging. It is more than getting the right clothes and shoes it includes getting the list of school supplies. When I attended school the list for school supplies were short. It consisted of spirals, number 2 pencils, black pens, Elmer’s glue, ruler and a protractor. This is all I remember. Simple right? Well now the list are a bit … Continue reading Cost-Cutting Ideas for Back To School Shopping