Will This Social Media Rollercoaster Ever Stop?

Shout out Wednesday new

I ask myself today am I getting too old to keep up with social media? When the question came across my thoughts I was a bit surprised. I have been able to keep up fairly well with new trending apps and navigated enough for me to use it properly.

I have intentionally stayed away from Snapchat because I could not wrap my brain around it and it didn’t really fit with my brand. But now Instagram, one of my favorite apps, has introduced Instagram Stories. I love it! However, I’m struggling to learn how to use it. These are the issues I’m having:
1. I will write a word but change my mind. Where is the erase button?
2. How do I add the color and notes that people are adding to their post? I got the words but that is it.

I keep watching the video Instagram shared and googling questions because it is not coming to me as easy as I want it to. I will figure it out. I have enlisted my 12 year old niece Tia to help me so I hope she calls me today. I really want to learn to use it.

I know some may say, ‘it’s not rocket science’ but right now I feel it is. Ujima can use the instagram stories to higlight our day and people. It’s going to be fun!!

I feel using Instagram stories will be much easier for me I just need to get some help. Am I to old for this social media rollercoaster? I say no. It just may take me a few minutes.

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Damita Miller-Shanklin


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