What Will They Remember?

Mary Linnen, Editor

Active Living

Being that it’s Black History Month a lot of people are talking about the legacy and the advice they want to leave to their children and grandchildren. 

I try to share this on a regular basis. Having a relationship with your grandchildren starts when they are little babies. When you use the word legacy, most people relate that to houses, land or something worth a sum of money.  A legacy may be of one’s faith, ethics and core values. Legacies often have a tremendous impact, encouragement and leave pathways for future generations.

We all have a story of  “What My Grandma Would Say”.

Showing your work ethics

Making sure they understand why you take responsibility for your actions to correct your mistakes.

Encourage them to get an education or stay employed. 

Always be there for them to teach compassion and forgiveness. 

Above all the greatest legacy is to show the power of putting God first. 

If asked,  what would Granny say?

“Keep Praying”

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