Celebrating Our Food Connections

Ujima Magazine has always had the love of good food. From healthy drinks to good down home meats. The goal was to share ideas with the community to help with the family meals. Thank you to everyone that shared a recipe or a web site with good ideas!! Look for more recipes in the near future. #ujimamagazine7yrs #um7 #celebratingthevision #community #birthday #food #recipes @meintheatx @rock_theone … Continue reading Celebrating Our Food Connections

Thank You To Ujima’s Contributors

You have heard the saying that you can’t do things by yourself. You always need help along the way. Well, Ujima Magazine is no different. We want to celebrate all the people who have taken time out their life to share their insight about the world, their poetry, people who they find of interest and their passions. To all of you that have written and … Continue reading Thank You To Ujima’s Contributors

Motivating Others Through The Story Selling Advantage

Paul Cartwright and I grew up together in the same neighborhood. We played outside together when we were young and remained “family.” In 2009, he was a part of Ujima Magazine’s father’s day issue. It also featured Heath Muhammad and my nephew Damon Miller. In the issue, Paul spoke about his role as a new father. He is the father of two children who were … Continue reading Motivating Others Through The Story Selling Advantage

Bacon, Cheese & Potato Chowder

Food has always been a Ujima favorite topic of conversation. A lot of the recipes were shared with us by family and people  in the community. The one I have really enjoyed with my family is the Bacon,Cheese &Potato Chowder.  Its easy to make and it taste so good!! As the weather changes, put this recipe on your “to make” list. What You Need 3 … Continue reading Bacon, Cheese & Potato Chowder

Ujima Loves A Wine Tasting!

The first year the focus for Ujima Magazine was to reach the community. We wanted our readers to  know we were new in Austin and we wanted to be a platform for the Black community. The magazine included many great shares and tips on wine and gave recommendations to our readers. When looking for  a fundraiser, we decided to have a wine tasting event.  Alphonse Dodson, of Centenberg Vineyards, had been a featured cover story,  so it was fitting to have him be apart of the event. On June 26, 2009, we introduced Ujima to the community with a wine tasting event held at the beautiful Green Pastures. It was a great success! Ujima made many wonderful new friends that evening. Thanks to Natomi Austin­ Blair for coordinating the event.  We want to share the photos from our very first event. Enjoy the memories as we did. #ujimamagazine7yrs #birthday #celebratingthevision #community @meintheatx @lifemusicatx @paigeturna @rock_theone @ujimamagazine Embrace Your Community! Continue reading Ujima Loves A Wine Tasting!