Hey Y’all It’s Kevin Sandbloom!

This weekend, Saturday November 3rd, the East Austin Community Fall Festival will take place at the George Washington Carver Library.  Come out and join the fun starting at 11:00am.  The Founder, Shametra McGregor, has enlisted a great musical talent Kevin Sandbloom. Ujima had the opportunity to discuss his music.  Check him out at the festival. This is what he had to say. Ujima: Kevin, give … Continue reading Hey Y’all It’s Kevin Sandbloom!

Celebrating Ten Years 👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎉

Today ten years ago, Ujima was born and shared with the community. As we celebrate today, I want to thank everyone who has wrote an article, shared their stories, took a photograph and read the magazine. Each one of your contributions is woven into our history. I can’t say it enough… Thank You, Thank You and Thank you!! 🌻🌻🌻 Damita Miller-Shanklin Founder and Publisher Continue reading Celebrating Ten Years 👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎉

Rock Your Diaspora!

What’s rocking your Diaspora? Celebrating your culture, rocking your black pride, connecting with others who do it for the culture, in a positive environment, dancing, breaking bread and loving every moment of it. Africa Jamaica 🇯🇲 Trinidad Tobago 🇹🇹 Cuba 🇨🇺  Brazil 🇧🇷 United States 🇺🇸 Columbia France 🇫🇷 Venezuela 🇻🇪 Mexico 🇲🇽 Peru 🇵🇪 Italy 🇮🇹 Canada 🇨🇦 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 … Continue reading Rock Your Diaspora!