Ujima Magazine Celebrates 8 Years!

Ujima Magazine is celebrating eight years of being a part of the Austin community. We have shared many stories about the everyday hero and we have much more to tell. We are so excited and grateful for the opportunity to be able to focus on the Black community and the great people that live and thrive in Austin. It is important for us to continue … Continue reading Ujima Magazine Celebrates 8 Years!

Gabriel George, Sickle Cell

Thriving With Sickle Cell

Meeting Gabriel George was one of the great highlights for Ujima Magazine.   In 2009 he was the National Poster child for Sickle Cell.  When we met this awesome young fellow he had been to the White House to meet President Obama in the Oval Office along with his mother. Today Gabriel is a an 11th grader at a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math school (STEM).  … Continue reading Thriving With Sickle Cell

Celebrating Our Food Connections

Ujima Magazine has always had the love of good food. From healthy drinks to good down home meats. The goal was to share ideas with the community to help with the family meals. Thank you to everyone that shared a recipe or a web site with good ideas!! Look for more recipes in the near future. #ujimamagazine7yrs #um7 #celebratingthevision #community #birthday #food #recipes @meintheatx @rock_theone … Continue reading Celebrating Our Food Connections

An Inspiring Motivator With A Love Of Technology 

Kai Dupe has been with Ujima Magazine since the beginning. He was on the cover in 2009, sharing his passion of blacks in technology. He then became a contributing writer and has been our technology writer, since that time. If you have read any of his articles, you know how passionate he is about stopping the digital divide for our black communities, especially our young … Continue reading An Inspiring Motivator With A Love Of Technology