Healthy Living Thursday

Healthy Living Thursday-1

It is so hard to get fit and eat healthy especially if you are like me. I love food, coffee, and my adult beverages. When you are on the go, it’s hard to eat something healthily because it is so easy to drive through a fast food place.

I eat better because I was feeling very bloated and gaining a lot of weight for my short statue. My back was hurting and my knees hurt when I walked up and down stairs. I was eating fast food every night for dinner. But now my family eats healthier and we cook almost daily. I have cut out sugar in my coffee and I use honey to give me the sweetness. I can’t say much about the adult beverages :).

When I work at my co-working space, I can go next door to the grocery story and purchase salads, soups, and fruit. This made me really more aware of getting food that is healthy. It was right at my fingertips, plus I exercise walking next door. I get it where I can.

Cucumber and Olives IMG_0240

So what I’m sharing today is a snack I love to eat for lunch. Sometimes I add lettuce but just eating it by itself is good. It is my cucumber and olives snack. I am on a journey to eat healthily and be better with what I put in my body. Look for more health tips and recipes as we share with you on Thursdays.

Let me know what your favorite snack is to eat. How are you staying healthy?
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Damita Miller-Shanklin, Ujima Magazine


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