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It’s that time again. Yes, you are right, school just let out and now it’s time to think about returning next month. When I was young, I did not like the shots but I loved to new clothes and school supplies.

In order for everyone to return to school smoothly, parents need to ensure their children have the proper immunizations. The link below has all the information you need for AISD children.

AISD Immunization Schedule and More

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Tumblr vs. Medium

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Last week I spoke about the platform Medium. I had written an article to compare Medium to Tumbler so I’m sharing it today. It may be some use to you if you are trying to decide which platform will work best for you or if you want to try both.

Tumblr vs. Medium~ What’s The Difference?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested in the latest trending information around blogging, social media and technology. Do you hear about something new in social media and instantly go get the app despite the fact you don’t know if you will even use it or if it is for you? Yes? Welcome to my world.

I  first heard about Medium at at meeting. I had no idea this platform was out in the world but apparently I was the only one that had no idea what people were referencing. So soon as the meeting was over, I did some research and realized it was like Tumblr, which I already use to some degree. I decided to find out what is the difference and how I can use it. This is what I found.

The Differences

*Tumblr is mainly used by teenagers and Medium is used by people in tech and media. I am far from being a teenager and I find the people and subjects I follow to be adults.

*Tumblr is a visual platform whereas Medium is a publishing platform where you will find more text. You can share your Medium post on Twitter.

The Design

-On Tumblr, you can design your own site with the options they provide. I have changed my site twice since using Tumblr. This is a nice feature. Medium is less customizable and it has more of a minimal look and feel.

Blogging Features

-Tumblr has a multimedia type of use and whereas Medium has an easy intuitive format.

Community Features

-Tumblr allows you to re-blog. This is a feature I use a lot on my Tumblr site. When I find something I think is funny or interesting I re-blog to share with others who follow me. Medium does not allow for re-blogging. They do have a way you can Like something.


One thing you may do is post on the run or if you see something you want to share, you go to your Tumblr site and post and share.  Medium does have a mobile app as well to use on the go.

In summary, if you want more visual content, be mobile and re-blog when you find interesting content, Tumblr will meet your needs and Medium is great for finding wonderful articles to read and learn with mobile capabilities as well. It really comes down to what you prefer to use.

Both are fast growing platforms in the social web publishing area. Again, Medium is catching on because in the meeting I attended, no one really mentioned Tumblr as a resource tool being used.

I signed up for Medium and I will see if I like it. I do use Tumblr to share information, interesting content and things that make me laugh. I use for my art passion not for my business. Try both and decide for yourself, which works for you.

What is your experience with Tumblr or Medium?

For more information you can check out this link:

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