She Speaks Wellness: Reclaimed Sisterhood

Eight African American Women clergy and leaders gathered for the She Speaks Hope Retreat at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and were greeted by Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer, the first African American Woman Dean in the history of the seminary. I am amazed because we were the first African American women’s group. This Spirit-led retreat demonstrated powerful moments of sisterhood. 

As women leaders, where do we go to address our emotional wellness? Although we consider ourselves “Strong Black, Courageous Women Working Together,” most are alone and frustrated. Each of us carried deep emotional scars and wounds. However, we did not have the tools to bring life back into balance. We cried, and we prayed. We did not complain. We reclaimed it! We created a space of sisterhood committed to a journey of gratitude, forgiveness, recovery, and restoration that reconnects us to the Lord and ourselves.

Here are a few quotes of wisdom from our sisterhood that may help you better navigate a healing journey. 

  • “I do not have to be 100% by myself, and there is someone else to help lighten my load. Sometimes, it is ok to say “no” without any explanation.”

  •  “I am a justice fighter but now seen through different lenses.” 
  •  “I get to define when it is enough, and I get to define what success and wholeness is for me.” 
  • “My physical limitation is temporary; other people don’t define me!”
  • “Sometimes God’s will is – that I won’t.”  
  • “Saying no = freedom.”
  • “Self-care is not selfish, and it’s the gateway for you to lift your gifts and graces in a way that truly represents the kingdom of God.”

Women, our lives will always be trials, tribulations, and triumphs. It is for us to know how to respond – SHE SPEAKS HOPE!

Minister Sonya Hosey, Founder 

She Speaks Wellness and Iron Sharpens Iron 4My Sisters.

She Speaks Hope will continue our eight-week journey that speaks wellness through hope, gratitude, and forgiveness. She Speaks Hope is a partnership between She Speaks Wellness, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Aiki Healing.

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