By Damita Miller-Shanklin

I have been a reader since I was a child. It started
with my mama reading a book of my choice
every night before I went to bed. Reading has
always been a part of my life. My life without
books would be like coffee without sugar. I carry
a book in my backpack so when I stop for lunch
or I’m under the hair dryer at the salon, reading is
an important part of my life.

What do you think about the book ban? I keep
saying our democracy is being removed each
day, and each moment we breathe. It’s shameful
that this is happening. Books are the journeys we
take to different places and meet different
people that are not like us. There is a lot to say
about how a book goes through the process of
being banned and how the Supreme Court
makes the decision. But I wanted to point out
some of the Black books written by Black authors
being banned right now.

I want to mention the first 5 books that are on the
list provided by Banned Books by Black Authors.
This is not a complete list but it gives you an idea
of which books are being targeted.

This is another area we have to fight for our right
to choose. Are you willing to give up your right to
choose what book you read? Remember it may
seem like a small choice but it’s a part of larger
choices being removed from our individual
control. What are your thoughts?

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