New Issue: Lily Shepard Moves: It’s All About Self-Discovery

Our first issue of 2023 is here. You don’t want to miss our feature story with Lily Shepard of Lily Shepard Moves. She talks about getting back to who we are as a women. It’s all about Self-Discovery. You will also find other stories that deal with renewal, healing and rejuvenation. Enjoy the read. Please share the issue link with your friends and family. Thanks. … Continue reading New Issue: Lily Shepard Moves: It’s All About Self-Discovery

You’re Welcome to Take a Seat at the Roundtable

By Jacqueline Johnson, creator of Jacquie ooh Black women have historically been subjected to marginalization in movements that should address our needs, leaving us without a movement and a voice. Despite well-publicized research on gender in corporate America and communities, there’s a conspicuous lack of data that focuses on challenges faced by Black women. These challenges are not small or insignificant. Black women need advancement and support. We are … Continue reading You’re Welcome to Take a Seat at the Roundtable

Fun Things To Do This Spring

Mary Linnen, Senior Writer, Editor Spring for me is so exciting, mainly because it leads to summer. There are many things you can do in the spring make a list and then make plans! Let’s start with a few ideas.● Plant a spring garden (or even just a plant or two)● See the cherry blossoms.● Have a picnic at the par● Go for a run.● … Continue reading Fun Things To Do This Spring

The Power of Spring

Jacquie Ooh Johnson, Contributing Writer The Power of Spring There is power in the spring. When I think of the spring, I think of new beginnings in nature and in my own personal life. I think of new opportunities sprouting up and blooming. Spring is also a great reminder that there’s always time to start fresh. During the dark winter months, it can feel like … Continue reading The Power of Spring

Spring Clean Your Skin

Jacquie Parish, Contributing Writer IS THERE SUCH A THING AS SPRING CLEANING YOUR SKIN? Could your skin use a spring cleaning? When the weather changes, your skincare routine should too. Spring is the perfect time to change up your skincare routine. We have compiled 6 of our favorite things to do to get our skin ready for the spring! 1. Exfoliate weekly It’s a great idea to exfoliate weekly but don’t overdo it. … Continue reading Spring Clean Your Skin