An Apple Will Keep The Doctor Away

img_1302Do you love a good apple? Do you have a favorite type? The green Granny Smith apples are my favorite. Apples are a great snack for on the go. You can cut them up, eat them whole or put in your smoothie.

If you are like me, looking for a snack that has a good taste, crunch and easy to prepare puts the Apple on your list. One of the best ways to enjoy an apple is cutting it into wedges placing them on a tray with your favorite cheese, grapes, crackers, almonds and slices of meat. Yum!

But if you are on the go, you want the apple to be a snack that is mobile. Check out these ideas.


Apples and Peanut Butter

Apples and Granola

Apples and Cream Cheese

Other spreads that will also go with your favorite apple are Nutella, Almond Butter, and Turkey. Remember you can put many things with apples whatever you enjoy as a combination.

Grab some Apples and add them to your snack rotation. What is your favorite way to snack on apples?

Cheese and Apple tray

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Photos: Google
Damita Miller-Shanklin

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