Summer Fruit Chopped Salad

On warm summer days, a chopped salad is my meal of choice. They’re light, fresh, and filling!  No heat in the kitchen, that’s pretty much all I need on a hot, summer day. 

The beauty of a chopped salad is that there really aren’t any rules. You can pretty much add whatever you want!  

A summer chopped salad is like summer on a fork! and it blows any ol’ garden salad totally out of the water.

My choice of ingredients are mixed greens, chopped chicken, feta cheese, sliced red onions, walnuts, chopped avocado, strawberries sliced, and grapes sliced.

The dressing is also your choice and it only takes a little. The fruit gives the salad a burst of flavor. I toss the chicken, all the greens and cheese, and nuts. Add the fruit, avocado, and dressing for one last toss.


Courtesy of Layers of Happiness 

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