Viewpoint: The Why of Ujima Magazine

by Damita Miller-Shanklin, Editor-in-Chief

We are celebrating this month! We have come a long way in learning to manage
a magazine. Systems are the key for our staff. Putting systems in place
has allowed us to reach many goals. There has been trial and error and of course, we have had to tweak things as we work the system. This applies to almost all jobs.

Deadlines are not my favorite thing. My team has worked with me to get me on board with meeting deadlines. They are still working on me. 🙂 But I’m much better. When you are a procrastinator, you need systems and deadlines to get the job done.

From the beginning, I have loved sharing stories of people in our community. I have found the back stories of
how people become who they are and what they do very interesting. It’s amazing what people go through and just by looking at them, you would never know their journey. I learned that no one is one-dimensional but has
many life stories that make them the person they are currently. Interviews allow me to get where that person is
now, and their journey to their current place in life. I like telling stories of people who never give up despite
hardships. To be honest, listening to others and their journey inspires me to get stronger and believe in myself
and what I do. I have learned something from each person I have interviewed. I can feel
their passion, their why, and much more.

I thank you all for reading Ujma Magazine and being a part of Ujima’s readers. We appreciate
you taking the time to read the stories online. We are off to another year!!

Embrace Your Community
Collective Role and

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