When You Look at the New Year-Are You Ready?

By Damita Miller-Shanklin

Do you remember a song titled “The Futures So Bright. I Gotta Wear Shades” by Timbuktu 3? When I sat down to write about the new year that song came to mind. Why? Because I worry about the future. This year of 2022 has seen a lot of changes — Women’s Rights, the Insurrection, and so much more. However, our Black communities still struggle with equal pay, racism, affordability, and continued injustices, which became even more apparent during the recent COVID-19 global pandemic.

I’m looking for 2023 to take shape in a new and positive way. I have been very cautious about living my full life due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 and the ongoing new variants. I have been out and about occasionally, but mostly I have stayed close to home. I’m determined to have a bright future.

The things I want to do more of are:

• Finish reading a book
• Start journaling again
• Take a well-overdue vacation and Sketching and art projects

What will you do to create a new year of happiness in 2023? Let’s make 2023 a good year.

Happy New Year!!

Read the full issue at https://tinyurl.com/novdec22

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