From the ages of Kings and Queens beyond time, we were woven with kingship. Tumultuous days of indifferences within the color of our skin we depicted life with domains of dignity. In the turmoil of days, our swag gave way to cultural diversity with intense words of articulations. Instead of waiting on their graves for us we showed them universal craftsmanship of black pride. Using … Continue reading OUR CULTURE OF BLACKNESS

Hey Y’all It’s Kevin Sandbloom!

This weekend, Saturday November 3rd, the East Austin Community Fall Festival will take place at the George Washington Carver Library.  Come out and join the fun starting at 11:00am.  The Founder, Shametra McGregor, has enlisted a great musical talent Kevin Sandbloom. Ujima had the opportunity to discuss his music.  Check him out at the festival. This is what he had to say. Ujima: Kevin, give … Continue reading Hey Y’all It’s Kevin Sandbloom!

Black Directors Holding The Top 2 Spots At The Box Office

Directors Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler are making history at the box office. They are two talented directors of A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther respectfully.  It’s a milestone to celebrate. Aisha Barkley of All Black Media wrote a short piece about how these two directors did well this past weekend at the box office. You can read the full story at https://allblackmedia.com/2018/03/black-panther-and-a-wrinkle-in-time-marks-the-first-time-black-directors-held-the-top-2-spots-at-the-box-office/ Damita Miller-Shanklin Ujima … Continue reading Black Directors Holding The Top 2 Spots At The Box Office