Preparing For the New Year

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There is no use looking back at the last two years. We all know that story. Plus we are still living parts of it. It is time to move forward and see what life can be. But it’s all based on what is important to you. Here are the things I will do in the next two months:

  1. Clear Your Mind- Sit in a quiet spot and listen to your thoughts. Make no judgments, just let them fly in my head.
  2.  List any unfinished business and decide what to do- There may be something you wanted to finish and didn’t get to it or a goal you want to add for next year, etc. Whatever it is try to have a plan to resolve it.
  3. Brain Dump- This is the fun part. Dump all your thoughts in your journal or piece of paper and decide what is most important to move forward to what is your least important. 
  4. Create your intentions for the New Year- The intentions you create for yourself will help guide you through your journey all through the year. These intentions will be your road map to accomplish what is important to you and how you will move forward. 

I hope these recommendations will help you prepare for your joy. 

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