March Feature: Dr. Monica “Moe” Anderson

A Speaker, Author, and Advocate

My Life Is My Testimony

Damita Miller-Shanklin

I caught up with Dr. Monica “Moe” Anderson to discuss her business and empower others to be their best every day. I enjoyed our conversation because she is a fun person to talk with, especially about her business and what she does. Anderson is a Dentist, Author, Speaker, and Advocate. 

The business that Anderson has built is around her podcast, Perpetual mOtion with Dr. mOe Anderson, Speaking around the country, and Author, helping other writers, and giving her testimony about her fight with Cancer. The podcast is going great and her speaking engagements have primarily been virtual which has been a change. 

Anderson has been podcasting for ten years and has learned a lot from her guest. The topics discussed on her show are communication, wellness, and relationships. You can listen to the podcast on all major platforms. She has had great guests on her show. “I bring people who have value not to just pitch a product,” she says. 

Anderson does not usually interview celebrities but she spoke with several bright stars you make want take notice.  Just to name a few guests she has spoken with recently is Karen Abercrombie, who is an actress and filmmaker. She produced a feature film, which is number five globally, and the top-grossing Christian movie called War Room. She has spoken with an Educator, from California, Rahbin Shyne. She spoke about Active Listening. The takeaway from that conversation was a point made by Shyne. Her statement was Listening is really about relationships. People listen when they want a relationship with you. When you think about how you listen if you don’t have an interest or looking to build a relationship you may not intently listen. This is food for thought. Check out the podcast for yourself. 

Anderson is a writer and an author. She does coaching to help other writers learn the craft. This experience comes from her own journey. Many people say they can write a book, but they don’t realize how hard it actually is to do. She assists authors with creating a process and/or system to self-publish their books. There are many things to consider such as copywriting, the cover of the book, marketing, and more. Anderson can move writers into a process that will help them be successful. The coaching helps make it easier for people to learn the right way with the steps, accountability, and anything else they may need during the process. 

If Anderson could choose a favorite business she does speaking is what she enjoys doing the most. She shares her skills to help the next person. But she likes to work with a certain type of speaker. Her typical speaking client is someone who is running for office or they have a big speech in front of a huge audience at their company. This person is not new to speaking they may need help with the delivery. Anderson takes their words and makes the speech work. We practice virtually so they learn to command the room while speaking and the skills they learn from public speaking can carry over into other areas. Anderson says we are always public speaking when we are with our family and friends. The difference is we don’t know the people in the audience.

Anderson was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in 2012. It returned in 2014 and she had the Cancer removed. It’s been ten years and the lifespan was only five years. She is an advocate around cancer because the family members need support at times more than the person who is diagnosed. She talks to family members about understanding their loved one is dealing with their loss because their life will never be the same. She is able to share skills she had to develop just to get through another day. It was hard at the beginning. Anderson says,” My life is my testimony.” She uses her testimony to help others. She overcame Cancer twice and advocate for patients diagnosed with Cancer to help them navigate the road ahead and their families. Anderson states, “Having faith and hope and the right people around you is the key. I’m optimistic and I’m gonna make the best of my time. Where ever God leads me I will follow.” 

I asked Anderson what her future looks like? She wants to expand. She enjoys her podcast and she loves writing. “They will be pulling a pen out of my cold hand in the nursing home”, she laughed. She is starting on another book, but it’s in the planning stages right now. She hopes the speaking engagements will pick back up. She was recently featured in Parade Magazine which she is honored. She read this magazine since she was young. I too remember reading it on Sundays. It came with our newspaper. Being a part of Parade Magazine has opened doors. Anderson plans to keep on course to inspire and empower people. Reach more people.  Anderson states, “ She is liking where she is right now.” She still wants to travel and be at peace, the best grandmother, mother, and best friend she can be.”

When Anderson was asked how has she inspired or empowered others, She answered what she aspires to do comes from her last novel, Never Close Your Heart. Women of Color who have been marginalized and the myth that every black woman is angry. They don’t ask why we are angry. Why shouldn’t we Black Women be angry? Women make less than men, and Black Women make even less than white women. I remind people there are a lot of good people out there and you should not cut off relationships with other women who have the same interest as you, they can support you. We have to be better, stay driven, and stay positive. The people you need will appear if you just have the courage to love. They will appear. “Don’t cut off the

tributaries to the river of your soul.”

She is enjoying her series When a Sistah’s Fed Up but Never Close Your Heart was a #1 Amazon Best-seller for Black Authors. It’s her first bestseller and it’s a proud moment. Anderson leaves us with she will continue improving her craft of writing and she is grateful for the journey. 

You can visit Dr. Moe’s website at Dr. “mOe” Anderson

Facebook at 

IG at Dr. mOe Anderson (@drmoea) • Instagram photos and videos


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