Soul Food for the Soul

Damita Miller-Shanklin

We are all aware that healthy eating is the trend today. I believe in healthy eating and I know it’s the right choice. But I like Soul Food!! Most Black families feast on Soul Food when families gather or on special occasions. I remember having soul food for dinner. When I think of our Black History, I always think of good Soul Food.

The term Soul Food was first used in 1964. It was a representation of what our culture enjoyed eating. At the time, the Black Pride movement was gaining power in our community. There was a time when the cooks had limited means but used their skills to prepare a great meal.

Soul Food was home cooking originating in the South. Most of the ingredients were inexpensive back when slaves were using what they received from their slave owners. So when we sit with our friends and family for some soul food what are the main staples that identify your soul food plate. Your Guide to Soul Foods – How To Order Soul Foods – Kitchen United has listed what a typical dinner would include and I will give you what I love on my soul food plate:

Fried Chicken

Fried Fish

Macaroni and Cheese

Candid Yams

Collard Greens


Peach Cobbler

So what do you think? Do you consider my soul food plate what you would consider Soul Food? What would your Soul Food plate consist of? 

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