She Speaks Wellness: Black Women-Celebrate

Minister Sonya Hosey, Contributing

I am excited to share and contribute to the celebration of the 14th year of Ujima Magazine. I thank Damita Miller Shanklin, Editor-in-Chief, for enduring and persevering to accomplish her God-given assignment to share women’s stories that reach the nation.

As Black women, we must celebrate one another and ourselves. Our purpose comes with sweat, tears, and sometimes loneliness. However, God sees the bigger picture. During the pandemic in 2020, I witnessed women experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, and fear. I, too, had to battle with my emotional health.
Because of my mental health background and as clergy, I knew God wanted me to do something to address these challenges. That is when the Spirit of God downloaded his purpose to birth the She Speaks Wellness Network.

I celebrate the She Speaks Wellness Network, which represents women across the nation and bridges expertise, resources, training, and education to improve women’s overall Wellness of women. We have hosted live Facebook and zoom interviews, shared resources, provided leadership tips, secured scholarships from holistic providers, and, more importantly, shared personal stories.
We cannot do anything without the talented individuals who have poured out their gifts, resources, and services that support the network’s vision.

SHE SPEAKS WELLNESS is one of several projects funded through resident-led participatory grantmaking made possible by the St. David’s Foundation through their investment in rural health and network weaving.
Minister Sonya Hosey, Founder She Speaks Wellness is a program of Moore 4 Sisters Ministries (501c3)

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